P.Brush chatter
  Possible Causes Remedies
2 Vibration from external causes, i.e. forge hammer Remove causes - mount machine on shock absorbers
14 Mica proud Recess mica or use a more abrasive grade
15 High or low commutator segments Tighten, turn or regrind
16 Commutator too loose Tighten, use new mica and turn
19 Flats on commutator or slipring Remove cause while turning or grinding
20 Spring pressure too low Adjust to brush grade
22 Spring pressure unequal Adjust spring pressure uniformly
28 Sparking Check pressure, grade, holders, brush alignment, remove burns
29 Radial brush holders not in correct position Adjust holder to radial position, distance from commutator 2-3mm
30 Reaction type holder mounted trailing Reverse holders or direction of rotation
32 Worn brush holder Replace holder
33 Terminal connections loose or dirty Clean, tighten screws
34 Brush holder mounted too far from commutator or slipring Adjust holder to be 2mm from commutator
37 Humidity too low Humidify air  possibly change brush grade
41 Long periods at low or steady load Change brush grade - ask for our recommendation

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