S. Commutator has symmetrical burn marks
2 Vibration from external causes, i.e. forge hammer Remove causes - mount machine on shock absorbers
3 Vibration from internal causes, i.e. out of balance Balance armature and check for bearing wear
4 Interpole field too strong Reduce interpole fields
5 Interpole field too weak Increase interpole fields
6 Interpole air gap too small Enlarge air gap - decrease effective interpole flux
7 Interpole air gap too large Reduce air gap - increase effective interpole flux
8 Air gaps uneven (worn bearings) Replace bearings and realign machine
12 Resistance between brush and arm not uniform Clean and tighten connections
17 Solderings interrupted Resolder tags
20 Spring pressure too low Adjust to brush grade
25 Brush flexible too short or too stiff Use brush with flexible of correct length and flexibility
26 Brush arc of contact excessive Reduce effective thickness of brush
27 Brush arc of contact insufficient Try with circumferential stagger or increase brush thickness
29 Radial brush holders not in correct position Adjust holder to radial position, distance from commutator 2 - 3mm
30 Reaction type holder mounted trailing Reverse holders or direction of rotation
32 Worn brush holder Replace holder
34 Brush holder mounted too far from commutator or slipring Adjust holder to be 2mm from commutator
35 Incorrect position of holder Adjust holder to correct position
36 Unequal alignment of holders Correct spacing and alignment of holders

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